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All staff at Bright Tomorrows Learning Center Inc. are trained childcare professionals, receiving a minimum of 15 in-service training hours annually. All lead teachers are qualified as set forth in the DCFS standards and all assistants have a high school diploma or GED. References are checked and background clearances are performed on each employee.

Infant Room: (6weeks-14months) we will provide a warm safe, loving environment with opportunities to cuddle with a caregiver, work on our fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional skills, cognitive skills, and language development. Due to the fact that infants sleep on their own schedule there are no times assigned.

Toddlers: (15months-23months) serves as a transitional room, where children begin eating at group tables, napping on cots, and are given a greater amount of creative exploration experiences. Children are encouraged to explore and manipulate their environment through planned play and free exploration.

Two Year Olds: (24months-35months) Providing a stimulating environment, activities that include, imitating and pretending, playing with toys, listening to stories and music, art, exploring sand/water tables and outdoor play.

Three-Five Year Old Room: (3years-5years) we will be using a creative curriculum. This curriculum is based on current research and sound educational theories of early childhood learning and development. The curriculum includes art, music, social and emotional skills, fine and gross motor, language, and cognitive skills.

School-Age Children (Kindergarten-12 years) during the school year the children will be allowed free play in the morning before school, and after school they will be given a snack and any homework that is needed to be completed will be done, and then free time is allowed. During the summer months the children will work on age appropriate curriculum that will help reinforce what they have learned during the school year, along with activities to explore and enrich their creativity. There will be occasional field trips offered during the summer months.

Infant 1-4 (6weeks-14months)
Toddlers 1-5 (15months-23months)
Two 1-8 (24months-35months)
Three Year Olds 1-10
Four Year Olds 1-10
Five Year Olds 1-20 (If in Kindergarten)
School Age 1-20
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